Pregnancy Safety 101: Reasons Why Pregnant Women Need Protection from Laptop Radiation

A study from Siena, Italy revealed that laptop use is dangerous for pregnant women. Researchers tested five renowned laptop brands and measured the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) they produced. Exposure to EMFs from laptops is considered a risk factor for developing blood tumours. If you are in Australia, one way of protecting yourself from laptop radiation, especially when you are pregnant, is to use a laptop radiation shield to protect you and your growing baby. However, even though you will use an Australian laptop radiation shield, it is still advisable to keep as much space between the laptop and your body. Even non-pregnant women need to remember these important precautions when using a laptop to minimise EMFs exposure.
  • Avoid using your laptop on your lap even if you have radiation shields in place.
  • Put as much distance between you and the laptop to decrease your exposure to magnetic field.
  • Make sure to buy laptop radiation shield that offers protection against magnetic fields as well as radio frequency radiation.
  • Use a belly blanket and nursing cover if you are pregnant or lactating. However, do not just use any blanket or nursing cover. Check if the fabric has radiation shield incorporated in it to ensure you and your baby’s protection.
  • You can also use a computer pad to protect radiation that is directed downward. Just like a laptop radiation shield, it also helps dissipates heat and electrical fields away from your body. You can check online for various computer pads in the market today.
  • Check out the latest EMF/RF shielding device that you can attach with a two sided sticker or place next to your laptop. It has a ceramic compound that absorbs and minimises electrical and magnetic fields generated by your laptops, tablets or cell phones. You can read more about this technology when you look it up online.
  • Bringing plants indoors may also help reduce EMFs radiation. NASA discovered that some cactus plants have the ability to absorb EMF radiation from laptops. Even if you are not fond of plants, you might want to have cacti around just for this purpose. They need less maintenance so it is the perfect indoor plant for you.
  • Studies show that Himalayan salt crystal lamps release negative ions into the air. These negative ions are believed to help cancel out EMF radiation by maintaining normal ionic air balance. It might not be too late to get one for your home.
  • Taking regular breaks also help minimise your exposure to electromagnetic fields. Other than that, it will also prevent eye strain phenomenon. Other than using a laptop radiation shield, you can also use a protective eyewear that has anti-radiation coating.
  • Your face is the most exposed part of your body to your laptop. Make sure not to skip your night time rituals. Wash your face after using the computer to help remove the radiation particles that settled on your face.
  • Go Wired. Even if you are using a laptop, you can still use a wired keyboard so you can position the laptop away from your body. You can also use a wired mouse especially when you are at home.
The above are just a few ways you can minimise exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by your laptops. Do not wait until you are pregnant before you buy a laptop radiation shield in Australia. Studies show men are more at risk of infertility just by using laptops. You might want to tell your male loved ones and friends to start using laptop radiation shields as well. Check out

Money Saving Tips When Shopping for Kids’ Clothes

Buying quality clothes for your children should be given utmost priority. You should focus on buying quality clothes to ensure that it can keep up with your child’s lifestyle and activities. However, it is also impractical to splurge a great deal of money on children’s clothing especially when they will eventually outgrow these clothes. If you can find a website like that combines style, quality and affordability, then you are lucky. If not, you should take note of these practical shopping tips: • Be open with your kids about what they can expect to buy. Just like buying toys, you need to talk to your child about what items you can buy for them and what you cannot afford. It is important to instill reasonable expectations in their mind so they do not end up throwing a tantrum fit when shopping. But make sure to get them involved when choosing so that they will feel like they had a choice. If you communicate openly, then your day of shopping will be fun, not stress-filled. • Know your shops. If you decide to buy in-store, you need to have done your research beforehand. In fact, you can visit these shops without your child prior to your shopping trip. This will give you an idea on the price points for each store and be able to decide where to go when you intend to shop clothes for your kids. If you decide to buy online, it will save you time and effort since shops like cater specifically to children’s clothes. When buying online though, choose only reputable retailers to ensure of the quality. • Keep an open mind. You can visit shops that you never thought of visiting before, such as thrift stores or garage sales. There are lots of options in these shopping options and at a lower price than you would pay in a retail shop. However, you might need to practice some patience as you will never know what you can find. The pay-off is huge, though, as you can easily find bargain children’s clothes. • Buy off-season clothes. If you live in an area that experiences four seasons, a good way to save money when shopping for children’s clothing is to shop off-season. That means you should buy winter clothes in the summer or summer clothes during winter. You will find that these clothes will be sold at bargain prices (some even sold at half the original price!). Think smart when shopping and follow this rule so you can save big on items that your child will need. • Buy online. There are several options for children’s clothing online stores today than ever before. Make sure to consider going online to shop as these shops can save on not having to rent a warehouse or shop to display their items in. In turn, they can pass on that savings to their customers. Make your shopping easier and go online at This website specializes in children’s clothing, as much as many other similar websites do. You can conveniently browse through thousands of items online without stepping out the door. It is a convenient way to shop for you and your kid!

Top tips to buy micro sd cards

Memory cards are normally used in music players, digital cameras, smartphones and laptops. But not every sd card is the same – they are created differently with varying speed classes, capacities and physical sizes. Generally, people buy 32gb sd card as it fits most devices and offers ample space to store all types of files, including videos, mp3 songs, documents, images among others.

buy 32gb sd card
buy 32gb sd card

Different types of sd cards are needed for different devices. So while choosing an sd card, you must consider the following aspects –

Speed class: Every sd card cannot offer the same speed, and this matters a lot for undertaking some tasks. For instance, if you are a professional photographer, you will need to take pictures in rapid succession on your professional camera and save them in high-resolution RAW format. This will require a high-speed sd card so that your camera can save the captured images as fast as possible. A high-speed sd card is also crucial when you want to record a high definition video and store it directly to the sd storage of your camera. But if you are taking a photo or video on a normal smartphone camera or using any of the 32gb micro sd cards to store any document or media files on your smartphone, then the speed of the card is not of much importance.

As you buy 32gb sd card you will see that to measure the speed of an sd card, the makers use “speed class”. However, the SD Association opines that exact speed of each class is not directly defined by the sd card standards, yet they can provide a basic guideline.

Normally, there are four variations of speed classes – 10, 8, 4, 2 where 2 is the slowest and 10 is the fastest. For normal video recording, class 2 memory card would be fine, for high-resolution video, recording class 4 and 6 are suitable whereas for full high definition video recording and high resolution still continuous recording an sd card with class 10 speed would suit the best.

Ultra high speed classes of sd cards are also available, but these are a bit pricey and are specifically designed for professional use and can be used only in devices allowing UHS support.

When you buy 32gb sd card you can quickly identify the speed class on the Sd card itself. While purchasing the memory card online, you can find the speed class on the specifications given. If there’s no symbol of speed class given, it means that the sd card has 0 speed class, and they were manufactured before the speed class system was initiated.

Physical size: Standard sd cards are normally larger than other types and measure 32*24*2.1 mm and weigh about 2grams. When you buy 32gb sd card which is designed for smartphones and tablets, you should see whether the card fits into the matching slot. Otherwise, you will have to buy an adapter that can aid you to plug the smaller 32gb micro sd cards into a bigger sd card’s slot.

So while buying a 32 gb sd card, you must choose the appropriate class and size to suit your needs.

Everything you need to know about buying traffic lights

Did you think that traffic light is required to be installed only on the street crossings? An astonishing fact about car accidents is that many of them happen at a place where they should not be happening at all; the car parking area. It is hence very much required to buy traffic lights and install them even in the parking spaces so that the drivers who seem to forget the road safety rules as soon as they enter a parking area are kept on alert even when they are off road. While setting up traffic lights in parking areas is the latest trend, these have been in use for controlling the flow of general traffic on streets for almost a hundred years now.

Buy Traffic Lights
Buy Traffic Lights

A short history on traffic lights

The first usage of traffic control devices dates back to 1860s when manually operated armed devices were used by the traffic police to control the flow of traffic at intersections and busy roads. It was not before 1920 that lights were introduced to the traffic control system. First used in Detroit in Michigan, the three-colored traffic light gained popularity for the scientific and methodical approach that helped the cops control the flow of traffic seamlessly.

For a good period of time, incandescent lights were used for the traffic lighting system where bulbs used to glow behind colored glasses. With the advent of time, this system gave way to colored fluorescent bulbs being used, and finally in the current days it is the LED traffic light that is in use in most countries.

What to look for in traffic lights before buying them

As you buy traffic lights, you need to ensure that the lights have certain features, without which it could prove to be a bad investment. As a traffic light panel would be under the open sky always, it is required that the lights are waterproof and dustproof. It should not get affected or damaged by various weather conditions such as snowfalls, rain showers, sun rays, etc. Check BNR Industrial for more details.

Another thing that should be checked properly before you buy traffic lights is that these lights should not require very frequent maintenance. Energy consumption of the traffic lights should not be very high as well. To get these features in the most advantageous way, it is wise that you invest on LED traffic lights. As LED lights are highly durable and consume around 80% less energy, when they are used in a traffic light, need for changing the lights and levels of energy consumption would go down manifolds.

There are many companies, which offer traffic lights for sale that can be used to serve the purpose of controlling traffic or providing indications to a number of applications like car parks, race tracks, mine sites, etc. If you are getting feedback from your customers that the parking area of your office premises is very confusing, and they find it very hard to find their way out, you can easily install traffic lights in the parking space as that will not only satisfy your customers and employees, but will also help to avoid many accidents that happen in the parking spaces.

Important Things to Know when Buying a Commercial Property

Having your own commercial real estate or property isn’t as easy as pie. The things that you must consider to earn profit from your commercial property include divestment, leasing, investment, and proper management. That is according to Macarthur LJ Hooker on commercial property business management. Those aspects mentioned also require the right people to help you with technicalities.

Macarthur LJ Hooker on Commercial Property
Macarthur LJ Hooker on Commercial Property

LJ Hooker Commercial is just one of the experts in the buying and selling of commercial space and property in Australia. Their services, like some other investors, include acquisitions, asset management, auctions and biddings of properties, facilities management, leasing, investment sales, research, strata management, and project developments.

Acquisition of Commercial Properties and The Risks

Investing in a commercial estate or property is generally different from investing in a residential property. Though they are both good investments, they greatly differ in the revenue you can earn and the risks you might encounter along the way. According to one of the big-time real estate investors in Australia, Macarthur LJ Hooker on commercial property management, market research is essential for your business to thrive in a highly-competitive world.

It is because of the fact that your competitors are one of the tangible risks that you must face as long as your business lives. That is the reason why that you should know and choose the right people to deal business with.

In the following list, find out the things which you must consider when buying a commercial property.

  1. When looking for a commercial property for your business, you need to consider first and foremost, the LOCATION of the estate. You must not only consider the convenience that your customers will experience upon going to your store or office. You must also give your employees the affordability and convenience for transport if you don’t want to experience faster staff turnover.
  1. PARKING SPACE is another important factor to make your business going. Sometimes, customers won’t come by your store for the goods you offer, but the amenities and services you provide.
  1. Make sure that you choose the unit or space that perfectly suits your business. Miscalculation of the area for your business operation simply means a tremendous wastage of money for the lease contract.
  1. Your NEIGHBOURS really matter. Do your own research about the place and location. Find out what other businesses you will be having as neighbours. This could lead to lifelong business partnerships or even new opportunities.
  1. The overall electrical, air conditioning, and electronic systems must be put into consideration. You must have a clear estimate of the number of people that you wish to house inside the workplace in order to plan ahead about the air conditioning unit, the average power usage, and the available data you will be consuming every day while making your business transactions possible through the world wide web.
  1. Consider DISCOUNTS. It may be a case to case basis, but you may want to ask for a price pullback, giving you a lot of savings.

Choose the Right People

Visit LJ Hooker Commercial’s page to know more about the principle of Macarthur LJ Hooker on Commercial Property. There you will learn insights about commercial property acquisition, leasing, and management.

For more info, visit

Library Furnishings: Importance of Furniture in Libraries

Libraries create important learning environments. They help learners develop academic, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. They borrow concepts from various non-academic environments so as to create a place where learners can do research, interact, and collaborate. A library should have resources such as furnishings to enhance comfort. Library furniture Brisbane market provides include computer desks, library tables, circulation desks, library shelving, or library seating.

Some of the busiest areas in modern libraries are group study rooms. At the university and college levels, in a day, learners can spend at least 1 or 2 hours in these rooms discussing. In most cases, they have multipurpose furniture in order to allow more people, organizations, and businesses to use the same space. Factors to consider when fitting furniture, in these facilities include:

•    Durability

•    Flexibility

•    Attractiveness

•    Comfort

Furniture does not only reconfigure spaces inside the library but also help in modernizing the culture of the library. Individual study, graphics and video production, and collaborative learning are some of the activities that take place in libraries.

Library sections and pieces of furniture required:

Collaborative areas

These sections provide enough spaces where learners can meet, brainstorm, and exchange ideas. They should be installed with Brisbane library furniture that enhances flexibility. For this case, the best library furniture in Brisbane can allow students to work either individually or in groups comfortably. Such pieces of furniture should be fixed using casters to enhanced non-disruptive, easy, and fast mobility. Check Quantum Libraries for more details.

Quiet study sections

These areas provide spaces for the learners to either study or perform research independently. They should be fitted with special library furniture Brisbane market provides in order to create the right research and study environment for the students. The study tables and chairs to install in these areas must allow the learners to access reference resources from on-line and printed sources with ease.

Social learning places

These areas provide a relaxing environment where the learners can meet and interact. They need to be installed with comfortable chairs that have wear-resistant padding in order to meet the students’ needs. They must also have tables where electronic devices such laptops can be placed.

Media production, storage, and presentation

After doing projects, students may be required to present their findings. This means there must be a section within the library installed with pieces of furniture and equipment that can facilitate this. The section should have tables or any other library furniture Brisbane professionals provide that can meet specific requirements of a video/graphics studio.

Librarians’ sections

Librarians perform important functions and require special pieces of furniture so as to perform their duties efficiently. Within the library, these professionals act as resources for the learners. They, therefore, require enough of workspace capable of supporting desktop monitors. In most modern libraries, librarians use adjustable chairs and desks.

Library Furnishings: Importance of Furniture in Libraries

In the library, chairs and tables should be used well to ensure they are not damaged. Correct usage will also prevent them from becoming dirty or stained. They should not be moved from their original location unless instructed to do so by a staff member. Internet search and referrals from family members and friends can help you find library furniture Brisbane market has to offer.

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Learn how you can maintain your second hand freezer

After you buy or hire a fridge, the next important task you should carry out is to ensure that you maintain it in the right way. A broken or dirty freezer and fridge may transmit bad smell to your food. This can trigger rotting and mold. It is important to check your freezer and fridge two times every year to make sure that your food remains safe and fresh. It will also help lower your energy cost and prolong the life of your fridge. Even second hand freezers if well maintained can function for many years, without developing any problem. Below are tips to help you maintain your freezer.

Image result for second hand freezers

Have the condenser coils vacuumed

The condensers of most second hand freezers work harder to maintain the refrigerator at the right temperature, whenever dust hoards on the coils. This leads to high electricity bills and low lifespan for the overworked freezer. You can prevent this problem by thoroughly cleaning the coils after every three months. If your home has pests, you should vacuum the coils every month.

Check the seals of the door

Unfastened seal facilitates seeping out of cool air. This leads to energy waste and causes the refrigerator to work more than it should. First, ensure that seals have no food residue. You should clean them at least three times using a soft brush and a solution which contains water and baking soda.

Wash the drip pan

In case your fridge has drip pans which catch condensation, ensure the drain holes are clean and there is no bad odor coming from the pan. In case of any odor, wipe the pan using warm water and a soap with a mild smell.

Clean the gasket

Inspect the gasket which seals the door of the refrigerator to the unit and make sure it’s not cracked or dirty. In case you are not sure if the gasket is functioning in the right way, look for a piece of paper and close it on the door then try pulling it out. In case it comes out without much difficulty, you may consider replacing the gasket. If the gasket is simply dirty, carefully clean it with warm water and mild soap.


The modern models of Sydney freezers have a mode that allows self defrosting. This allows the fridge to melt any frost automatically. However, in case your fridge has a manual defrost, you should turn the fridge off occasionally to facilitate natural defrosting of the freezer.

Level it

The fridge depends on a level location to prevent its doors from warping. In case the fridge is crooked, it can lead to the doors closing at odd angles. This creates a poor seal, which later bends the normal shape of the door. With the help of hand level, adjust the feet of your machine. This can greatly prolong the life span of the appliance and facilitate proper Melbourne refrigeration.

After buying second hand freezers most people rarely place proper maintenance of their freezers and fridge at the top of their list. However, you should ensure that you put cleaning of your fridge and freezer on your calendar. Keeping a regular schedule can ensure that you do not forget to maintain your appliance, thus keep it working for many years to come.

4 main factors to consider before buying a wedding ring

A great wedding is a sign of a good transition from one stage of life into another. Usually, it is also a stronger sign that the people getting married are in love and ready to showcase the love to the whole world. The set up for weddings are different. Some are church weddings, while some are garden weddings. There is a common thing during all these moments. Wedding rings are common. Most people value the wedding rings so much. They are a physical symbol of the unity in the couple. Wedding rings should be classical and well refined to match the wedding and the two lovers. You can always get some good Diamonds and Moissanite at Moi moi Fine Jewellery. But before you purchase your wedding rings, it is good to consider the factors below.

Choose the wedding rings metal wisely

The type of metal that makes your ring should be the first to consider. This is because not all metals are the same. Some are durable while some are not durable at all. Diamond-made wedding rings are known to be the hardest metals known. Therefore, they are able to withstand environmental factors that are harsh to their existence. It is good to ensure that you purchase real diamond rings from well-known shops like Diamonds and Moissanite at Moi moi Fine Jewellery which offer you the best metals.

Compare the settings of the rings

Another factor that you should consider when buying rings is the setting of the ring in mind. Most people prefer simple set up on wedding rings, and in case there is some extra setting on the ring, it can only be in the form of small star shaped form. Your wedding ring should not be complex since you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Some of the best settings of the rings are at Diamonds and Moissanite at Moi moi Fine Jewellery where you are also advised on the type of ring that suits your desire.

Is the ring numbered?

You should ensure that the ring in mind is numbered at the shop. Diamond is quite expensive and in case of theft or loss, then you can start the recovery process in an easier way since you will be looking for the ring. The number is also important in case somebody claims to own it. It is almost like the registration number of the ring. Once your ring is numbered, then its safety is almost guaranteed.

The cost of the wedding ring

The next and also important thing that you should consider is the cost of the wedding ring. Some jewellery shops are quite expensive for the same type of rings in other cheaper shops. It is advisable to be careful with the cost of rings. While some may be cheap due to low quality, some are cheap but with the preferred quality.

Your wedding rings should be the best thing that the two of you go home with after the wedding is over.