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In today’s corporate scenario, conferences have become a part and parcel of any business. Conferences facilitate a meeting of the minds, so to speak – a place where likeminded people get together for a common purpose. Be it a writers’ convention or a doctors’ seminar, conferences are happening around the world even as you read this. Given this scenario, conference management has become yet another business opportunity for the young entrepreneur. Gone are the days when the secretary or admin staff of a company had to put their collective wits together and set up a conference. A task which had so many facets to it that slip-ups were a given. Today, there are event management companies that cater to this clientele and they do it with style and panache.

At Catalyst Event Solutions, we aim to give you a peaceful and hassle-free experience of conducting a conference. If you have a conference that needs setting up, then we have the expertise and the resources to help you do so. Now outstation conferences require a lot of planning and organizing. From the guest list, right down to a drop to the airport at the end, it is an endless journey of to-do lists, must-do lists and have-to-do list. There are name badges or lapel badges to be made, there is accommodation to be organized, dietary preferences to be recorded, special assistance, if any, to be seen to and last but not the least, there are pick-ups and drop-offs to be arranged along with sightseeing, if any, to be fixed and so on.

Conference management then takes on a persona of its own. It is time consuming and at times, mind boggling as to how many tiny details need looking into. The conference room itself also has a list of dos and don’ts that must be adhered to. At Catalyst event solutions we take on the onus of organizing all this and so much more. We offer a holistic approach, where we work with you, from concept and conceptualization to completion, on the essentials of your event. Ideally this would include design, publicizing, sponsorship, logistics, management and production.

At Catalyst Event Solutions we have a plan for anything that you might need from meetings, training sessions, parties, receptions, product launches, road shows, client hospitality, forums, workshops, trade shows and exhibitions, team building activities, award ceremonies, gala dinners to your good old conferences, we can set up whatever you need, whenever you, however you need it to be and all within your budget. For us, conference management is not just a job, it is our passion to ensure that you get the best there is. Our services comprise of Complimentary Venue Finding, Registration Management, Financial Management, Website and Online Services, Event Recording and Secretariat Services, along with the marketing and management aspects of the job at hand.

Make your conference the most talked about and best remembered one. Make your conference the best organized one. Make your conference the one people want to come back to again and again and again.