Everything you need to know about buying traffic lights

Did you think that traffic light is required to be installed only on the street crossings? An astonishing fact about car accidents is that many of them happen at a place where they should not be happening at all; the car parking area. It is hence very much required to buy traffic lights and install them even in the parking spaces so that the drivers who seem to forget the road safety rules as soon as they enter a parking area are kept on alert even when they are off road. While setting up traffic lights in parking areas is the latest trend, these have been in use for controlling the flow of general traffic on streets for almost a hundred years now.

Buy Traffic Lights
Buy Traffic Lights

A short history on traffic lights

The first usage of traffic control devices dates back to 1860s when manually operated armed devices were used by the traffic police to control the flow of traffic at intersections and busy roads. It was not before 1920 that lights were introduced to the traffic control system. First used in Detroit in Michigan, the three-colored traffic light gained popularity for the scientific and methodical approach that helped the cops control the flow of traffic seamlessly.

For a good period of time, incandescent lights were used for the traffic lighting system where bulbs used to glow behind colored glasses. With the advent of time, this system gave way to colored fluorescent bulbs being used, and finally in the current days it is the LED traffic light that is in use in most countries.

What to look for in traffic lights before buying them

As you buy traffic lights, you need to ensure that the lights have certain features, without which it could prove to be a bad investment. As a traffic light panel would be under the open sky always, it is required that the lights are waterproof and dustproof. It should not get affected or damaged by various weather conditions such as snowfalls, rain showers, sun rays, etc. Check BNR Industrial for more details.

Another thing that should be checked properly before you buy traffic lights is that these lights should not require very frequent maintenance. Energy consumption of the traffic lights should not be very high as well. To get these features in the most advantageous way, it is wise that you invest on LED traffic lights. As LED lights are highly durable and consume around 80% less energy, when they are used in a traffic light, need for changing the lights and levels of energy consumption would go down manifolds.

There are many companies, which offer traffic lights for sale that can be used to serve the purpose of controlling traffic or providing indications to a number of applications like car parks, race tracks, mine sites, etc. If you are getting feedback from your customers that the parking area of your office premises is very confusing, and they find it very hard to find their way out, you can easily install traffic lights in the parking space as that will not only satisfy your customers and employees, but will also help to avoid many accidents that happen in the parking spaces.