Learn how you can maintain your second hand freezer

After you buy or hire a fridge, the next important task you should carry out is to ensure that you maintain it in the right way. A broken or dirty freezer and fridge may transmit bad smell to your food. This can trigger rotting and mold. It is important to check your freezer and fridge two times every year to make sure that your food remains safe and fresh. It will also help lower your energy cost and prolong the life of your fridge. Even second hand freezers if well maintained can function for many years, without developing any problem. Below are tips to help you maintain your freezer.


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Have the condenser coils vacuumed

The condensers of most second hand freezers work harder to maintain the refrigerator at the right temperature, whenever dust hoards on the coils. This leads to high electricity bills and low lifespan for the overworked freezer. You can prevent this problem by thoroughly cleaning the coils after every three months. If your home has pests, you should vacuum the coils every month.

Check the seals of the door

Unfastened seal facilitates seeping out of cool air. This leads to energy waste and causes the refrigerator to work more than it should. First, ensure that seals have no food residue. You should clean them at least three times using a soft brush and a solution which contains water and baking soda.

Wash the drip pan

In case your fridge has drip pans which catch condensation, ensure the drain holes are clean and there is no bad odor coming from the pan. In case of any odor, wipe the pan using warm water and a soap with a mild smell.

Clean the gasket

Inspect the gasket which seals the door of the refrigerator to the unit and make sure it’s not cracked or dirty. In case you are not sure if the gasket is functioning in the right way, look for a piece of paper and close it on the door then try pulling it out. In case it comes out without much difficulty, you may consider replacing the gasket. If the gasket is simply dirty, carefully clean it with warm water and mild soap.


The modern models of Sydney freezers have a mode that allows self defrosting. This allows the fridge to melt any frost automatically. However, in case your fridge has a manual defrost, you should turn the fridge off occasionally to facilitate natural defrosting of the freezer.

Level it

The fridge depends on a level location to prevent its doors from warping. In case the fridge is crooked, it can lead to the doors closing at odd angles. This creates a poor seal, which later bends the normal shape of the door. With the help of hand level, adjust the feet of your machine. This can greatly prolong the life span of the appliance and facilitate proper Melbourne refrigeration.

After buying second hand freezers most people rarely place proper maintenance of their freezers and fridge at the top of their list. However, you should ensure that you put cleaning of your fridge and freezer on your calendar. Keeping a regular schedule can ensure that you do not forget to maintain your appliance, thus keep it working for many years to come.