Top tips to buy micro sd cards

Memory cards are normally used in music players, digital cameras, smartphones and laptops. But not every sd card is the same – they are created differently with varying speed classes, capacities and physical sizes. Generally, people buy 32gb sd card as it fits most devices and offers ample space to store all types of files, including videos, mp3 songs, documents, images among others.

buy 32gb sd card
buy 32gb sd card

Different types of sd cards are needed for different devices. So while choosing an sd card, you must consider the following aspects –

Speed class: Every sd card cannot offer the same speed, and this matters a lot for undertaking some tasks. For instance, if you are a professional photographer, you will need to take pictures in rapid succession on your professional camera and save them in high-resolution RAW format. This will require a high-speed sd card so that your camera can save the captured images as fast as possible. A high-speed sd card is also crucial when you want to record a high definition video and store it directly to the sd storage of your camera. But if you are taking a photo or video on a normal smartphone camera or using any of the 32gb micro sd cards to store any document or media files on your smartphone, then the speed of the card is not of much importance.

As you buy 32gb sd card you will see that to measure the speed of an sd card, the makers use “speed class”. However, the SD Association opines that exact speed of each class is not directly defined by the sd card standards, yet they can provide a basic guideline.

Normally, there are four variations of speed classes – 10, 8, 4, 2 where 2 is the slowest and 10 is the fastest. For normal video recording, class 2 memory card would be fine, for high-resolution video, recording class 4 and 6 are suitable whereas for full high definition video recording and high resolution still continuous recording an sd card with class 10 speed would suit the best.

Ultra high speed classes of sd cards are also available, but these are a bit pricey and are specifically designed for professional use and can be used only in devices allowing UHS support.

When you buy 32gb sd card you can quickly identify the speed class on the Sd card itself. While purchasing the memory card online, you can find the speed class on the specifications given. If there’s no symbol of speed class given, it means that the sd card has 0 speed class, and they were manufactured before the speed class system was initiated.

Physical size: Standard sd cards are normally larger than other types and measure 32*24*2.1 mm and weigh about 2grams. When you buy 32gb sd card which is designed for smartphones and tablets, you should see whether the card fits into the matching slot. Otherwise, you will have to buy an adapter that can aid you to plug the smaller 32gb micro sd cards into a bigger sd card’s slot.

So while buying a 32 gb sd card, you must choose the appropriate class and size to suit your needs.